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New logo created for our 10th Anniversary contest. First place honors go to our member Blupurrs. Congratulations!

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** December 1, 2008 **
Due to friendship, the love of Paint Shop Pro and extreme good fortune, all
of Ginny Hopping's [Bunny's Attic] Paint Shop Pro tutorials, masks and
textures have been graciously donated to PSPMadeEZ and will be housed at
this location in perpetuity. We are very pleased to accept Ginny's generous
donation. These tutorials are free and will remain so for all Paint Shop Pro
users benefit. Please use in accordance with the written Terms of Use.
Copyright remains in Ginny's possession. Many thanks to Ginny Hopping, your
gifts are most appreciated!

* Bunny's Attic Tutorials by Ginny Hopping *



Through the generosity of those donations made for the website, we are able to host family-friendly tutorial sites so they continue to remain free for the use of the psp community. We are grateful for the tutorial writers who have chosen to house their tutorials here so that others can continue to learn from them.

Creatively Designed by Susan aka NightOwl, served many years as Moderator in different posts. Besides her great tutorials, you will also find some of the most fabulous masks around.

Tish's Tutorials by Tish, a member of the group. She's a very talented tutorial writer and has many to choose from. You won't be sorry you browsed around.


Looking for a great Paint Shop Pro list to join?
Why should you consider joining this one? Our approach to Paint Shop Pro is to start simple and move up, but do you really need a different group for each level you reach? PSPMadeEZ is a 3 tier Paint Shop Pro group. Each week 3 tutorials will be posted, one beginner, one intermediate and one advanced. You choose the one most compatible with your skill level. You might be advanced in tubes, but a beginner with masks. You may look over the tutorials and decide for yourself what is appealing. This is a no-nag list. Post as little or as much as you like, lurk if you like! The goal is to learn Paint Shop Pro. Replies are not expected, unless help is needed. Why spend your time reading email when you would rather be creating? We offer challenges, daily projects and tips. No Incredimail, moving or musical stationery will be allowed. The moderators of this group work hard to find the best tutorials available and have completed the tutorials before posting so they are ready to help when needed. We cover Paint Shop Pro versions 8 through X4 as some folks are still making the transition from one version to the next. If this sounds like your kind of Paint Shop Pro group, then by all means join us. ALL new members are moderated until compliance with guidelines is proven and noted. Strict G Rating. NO 'illicit' reference to plugins and filters will be permitted. Be prepared, this group has an extremely high mail volume (note monthly totals on group home page). You will not be able to view members posts unless on individual email delivery. **WARNING: If you use any spam filter service (such as SpamArrest or Cashette) that requires senders to confirm they're not spammers, you must use another email address to subscribe to this list that doesn't have that requirement. Such services will spam the list and/or its members and are strictly prohibited here. Also, webmail systems like Gawab that use an automated bot that subscribes to the list are not allowed.

If you are interested in a no hassle way to learn PSP, please consider joining PSPMadeEZ for lessons delivered to your inbox :)
Have fun!

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Connie Stack.

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