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* * 2011 - 2012 PAST Weekly Tutorial Links * *
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*Old PSPMadeEZ Past Tutorial Archives*
*Team Spirit Tutorials Links*
*Original PSPMadeEZ Site*

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Please note these are placed in reverse order so that the most recent tutorials are at the top of each section.

*EZ Scrapping Sunday*

Here Comes Summer by Jemima
Creating a Basic Graphic Page in PSP by Digital Scrapbook Place
Template of the Month - Number 49 by Simone
Creating Layouts for Scraptags and Pages from Sketches by Jemima
Scrappy Lamb by Dragon's Breath
Broiderie Anglaise by Jemima
Template of the Month by EmeraldIsle (12th going left to right and down)
Making a Scrapbook Page by Pracken
Create A Polaroid Frame by PCArtisque
Template of the Month
Lacy Brocade Flowers by D'Zines by Grace
Oval Glass Beads by Vanessa Fellows
Template of the Month by EmeraldIsle
Old Paper by Shawna at Scrap Stuff
Easy Mesh Fill by D'Zines by Grace
Introduction to Scrapbooking by Khiba (click on the link for this tut to see the video tutorial).
Denim by Kentucky Creations
Making Denim by Vanessa Fellows
Template Basics by EmeraldIsle
Vizros Curled Ribbon
Christmas Bulbs - the Grace Way by D'Zines by Grace
Winter Trees by Dragon's Breath Make A Quick Page by Snappy Scrappy - page not available

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*Beginner Tutorials*

Basics - Layers Introduction by Emma Powell at DSU - and
Technique - Enhancing Washed-out Photos by Nicole Young at DSU
Basics - Basics of Masks in PSP by LafnSuzie
Basic Tools - Background - Country Flower by Kath Zil Studio
Basics - Creating a Gradient by Pamela Leger aka Dragon's Breath
Technique - Tips and Tricks #6 Arithmetic by Moon's Designs
Basics - Displacement Map Fun with Paper
Basic Tools - Colour to Target PSP8 - PSPX3 by Jemima at Artistry PSP
Translation and Filters - Tag Douceur
ABR Brush Conversion and Filters - Lady Voile by Hanny
Filters - Pure Eloquence Frame by Moon's Designs
Filters - Lovely Roses by Marie Louise
Basic Tools - All About Brushes in PSP by Lori Cook at ScrapGirls and:
How to find help file instructions by version of PSP to import brushes.
Basics - Perspective Shadow by Jemima at Artistry PSP and:
Basic Tools - How to get deform tool back in new versions of PSP.
Basics - New Adjustment Layer by Jemima at Artistry PSP
Basics - Layer Blend Modes and Animation - Winter Flight by Barbara at Aras Images
Techniques - Floral Delight by Janie Shipman
Basics - Christmas Quickie Tagtorial by Qwho at From the Heart Postcards Autumn Impressions by Bibi - Website Gone
Basic Layers and Exporting - Aurora by ASD Web Designs
Layers and Filters - Moon Fairy by ASD Web Designs
Selection Tool - Easy Plaid by Maegg
Basic Tools - Easy Tree Leaves by Barb at Barb's Playground
Technique - The Midas Touch by Nanson
Gradient & Layers - Denise by Fairymist Michele
Animation - Panda by Nemesis

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*Intermediate/Animation Tutorials*

Love Bug by Marie Louise
Over The Rainbow by Zuzzana
Jarrah by Leidy
Tag Moon Beams by Gaby and Charlie from Carlieonline
Femme Fatal by Kitty
Puppet on a String by Marie Louise
Happy Bee by Kitty - Dancing Queen by Christa - German needing translation - moved to deviantart and tutorial not available there yet.
St. Patrick's Tag by Sherri aka Black Rose
Asian Lady by Christa - German - Site now at Deviantart and no link for tutorial
Sunrise by Silles Bastelwilt at ASD Web Designs
Winter Dreams translated by Sissy at Waldgeist
To the Moon by Anya
Moon Dreaming by Zuzzanna
No Worries by Marie Louise
Magenta Variation by Bluefay at ASD Web Designs
Au Temps Des Cadeaux by Fairymist
Tag Happy Holiday by Fairymist
Snow by Michelle at Fairymist
Marion by Michelle at Fairymist
Let It Snow by Debbie at Kreative Expressionz
Angel Face by Crea Barboville at ASD Web Designs
Created by Jill - Breast Cancer Awareness Tag by Bright at PSP Tutorials - site no longer available
Inspire by ASD Web Design
Gold by Duchessa and translated by Ellie
Tag Den by Fairymist
Love Hearts by Kordas Welt at ASD Web Designs

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*Advance Tutorials*

Vector - Water Barrel by Susi at Eagle's Rest Graphics
Pixel or Vector Challenge to create Litty Bitty Mouse by Susi of Eagle's Rest Graphics
Vector - Birdhouse by Kentucky Creations - and:
Instructions to "refind" the deformation tool in newer versions of PSP
Vector - Flamingo by Vera Monique
Vector - Easy Pen Flowers by Susi at Eagle's Rest Graphics
Vector - Spring is in the Air by Susi at Eagle's Rest Graphics
Vector - Sea Grass by Susi at Eagle's Rest Graphics - and:
Vector - Sea Fan by Susi at Eagle's Rest Graphics
Challenge - Create either vector or painted leprechaun from any source image. Link is to pdf to trace images in PSP by JP Kabala at Corel
Vector - Vector Shamrock by Carolyn Ross at PSPUG - and text tut below:
Animation - Rainbow Text
Vector - My Kokeshi Dolls by Vera Monique
Vector - Penguin Family by Wendy at WGB Creations - Website is gone
Vector - Sweethearts by Astro - currently tuts are offline but supposed to be temporary
Vector - Paintbrush by Kentucky Creations
Vector - Cedar Potting Bench by Suz Shooks
Vector - Making a Country Mouse by Lenora - Website Gone with Fortune City
Vector - Snowman with Earmuffs by Louise G
Paint or Pixel or Vector - Christmas Village by Pracken
Vector - Baking Santa Girl by Louise G
Vector - Wood Fireplace by Astro - currently tuts are offline but supposed to be temporary
Vector - Vector Goose by Kentucky Creations
Vector & Filter - Ribbon Bow by Essex Girl
Vector - Birdhouse by Barbara Townsend at PSPUG
Painting - Simple Mountain by PJ
Vector - Tree Preset Shape by Barb Kermis Designs
Painting - A Misty Morning by Astro - currently tuts are offline but supposed to be temporary
Animation - Back To School Tag by Arizona Kate

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*Tags On Friday*

Surfing by Tutorials von Regis as translated by ASD Web Design
African Journey by Nancy at Nancy's PSP Design
Lola - will need to translate from French for English with Google - Spider Web by Bibi - site is gone
Kang Tea by Chipo translated into Dutch by Lisette of Moonlight Angel (use Google translate for English)
Nancy by Angela translated by ASD Web Designs
Reve de Voyage by Lotty as translated into Dutch by Anja (use google translate for English) - Original site of Lotty's is down
Beautiful Day by PSP Peg
Tag Magie de Noel by Fairmist Michele
Merry Xmass by ASD Web Designs
Black Pearl by Benice translated by ASD Web Designs
Amazing by Silles
Fantasia by Marijo - in French use google to translate
Couachi by Le Monde de Bambou translated by ASD Web Designs
Tag Mascarade by Fairymist Michele
City Nights by PSP Peg
Poppy by Athenais translated by Anya at ASD Web Designs
Petra Frame by Debbie Leonard
Daydreaming by Aras Images
Faded Love by Leidys
Tag Stanis by Fairymist Michele
What Comes Around by Snakelady translated by Sonel
Tag Givre au Jardin by Fairymist
My Dreams by Sissy as translated at ASD Web Designs
Cool Water by Monaiekje and translated at ASD Web Designs
Tag Distressed by Narah and translated by Anja
In The Mood by Peggy Holmes

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*Saturday Theme Challenge Tutorials*

In this Challenge you are given a past tutorial link and a theme. In this archive the theme is bracketed with square brackets and will be easier to distinguish from the tutorial (our hope anyways)!

Cloned Pattern Frame by Betty Renick [illustrate a poem or song lyrics or a line or two from a poem or song]
Lady Voile by Hanny [THE WILD WEST cowboys, cowgirls, ranch, etc. to make scene and then frame with the tut.]
Tag Back 11 - Pretty Miss by Jemima [What could you see under the sea?]
St Pat's Tag 1 by Jemima [One of my favorite things]
Angel Face by ASD Web Designs [Classic Film Stars Around the World]
Tag Denise by Fairymist Michele [The Scenes of April where you are]
Hold My Hand by Sille (animation not required in your result) [Clown(s) and/or Mime(s)]
Ivory Beach by Trudie [The Orient]
Shadowed Panel Frame by Shea's Creations [Yellow Flowers]
Foto D by Reflections Cafe [Vintage Transportation]
Floral Delight by The Dragon's Egg [Nursery Rhymes]
Autumn Angel Frame by Creativelee [I Would Like to Travel to ________________]
Quickie Christmas Tagtorial by Qwho at From the Heart Postcards [Winter or Summer Sport]
Glamour Frame by Sandee [A Night at the Ball]
Even When It's Cold by Jet as translated by Sonel [Pirates]
Butterfly Magic by Debbie at Kreative Expressionz [Anything to do with kites]

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*Bonus Tutorials*

Tag Den by Fairymist Michele (Currently Unavailable)

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*Older Archive Links and Websites*

Here is the older Past Tutorial Archives from prior to 2010.

New Team Spirit Tutorials are owned by Linda Richardson and boast some PSPMadeEZ members as tutorial authors. Please visit Linda's website for most recent TST Tutorials, or visit Connie's site, link below, for older Team Spirit Tutorials!

Team Spirit Tutorials 2 (Linda's):
Team Spirit Tutorials 2

Team Spirit Tutorials (Connie's):
Team Spirit Tutorials

2001, 2002 and some 2003 Past Tutorials and other items of interest are located at the original PSPMadeEZ website ( hosted by PSPMadeEZ founder Connie Stack. She would love to hear from you. Please visit her other sites here:
Past Animations
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