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*Old PSPMadeEZ Past Tutorial Archives*
*Team Spirit Tutorials Links*
*Original PSPMadeEZ Site*

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Please note these are placed in reverse order so that the most recent tutorials are at the top of each section.

*Beginner Tutorials*

Metal Text by Richard Epling
Cutout Text by Pinoy
Posterization by Corel Tutorials

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*Intermediate Tutorials*

Thanksgiving Tag by Jemima
Dog House by Rosie at D'Zines by Grace
Denim Britches by D'Zines by Grace

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*Advance Tutorials*

Country Turkey by Pracken
My Poochy by Vera Monique
Dingbat Frames Script by Suz Shook

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*Blend Tutorials*

Uschi by Fairymist
Yuccaly by Benice Designs
Dare To Be Different by ASD Web Designs
Some Day by Elizabeth Creations (scroll down on 5th page)

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*Animation Tutorials*

Tag Annemarie by Fairymist
Bonheur d'etre by Fairymist
Opposite Tags: Love by Violette

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*Saturday Theme Challenge Tutorials*

In this Challenge you are given a past tutorial link and a theme. In this archive the theme is bracketed with square brackets and will be easier to distinguish from the tutorial (our hope anyways)!

Team Spirit Tutorial [Halloween or Autumn Greeting]
Use any template here for your Party [Let's Have a Party]

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*Bonus Tutorials*

Tag Den by Fairymist Michele

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*Older Archive Links and Websites*

Here is the older Past Tutorial Archives from prior to 2010.

New Team Spirit Tutorials are owned by Linda Richardson and boast some PSPMadeEZ members as tutorial authors. Please visit Linda's website for most recent TST Tutorials, or visit Connie's site, link below, for older Team Spirit Tutorials!

Team Spirit Tutorials 2 (Linda's):
Team Spirit Tutorials 2

Team Spirit Tutorials (Connie's):
Team Spirit Tutorials

2001, 2002 and some 2003 Past Tutorials and other items of interest are located at the original PSPMadeEZ website ( hosted by PSPMadeEZ founder Connie Stack. She would love to hear from you. Please visit her other sites here:
Past Animations
Team Spirit Tutorials
PSP Tips
Make Your Own Textures

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