Adlor's Stationery Maker "How To"
by Ila Meadows

Bet you are wondering why there is a stationery tutorial on a PSP site :) Well the reason is simple...

Eventually we want to share our creations with family and friends, and this program is just about
the easiest way to make yourself look like a HTML wizard to them :)
If you are new to all this
my tutorial and the Adlor's Stationery Maker program are all you need. And did I mention it is free???

If you would care to try it, you may download it here

Here is Adlor's stationery maker doing it's duty. Please note that Adlor's has a hard
time holding a background image with certain computer configurations.
If you should have this problem, here is a patch that should help.

Step 1.
First, double click under IMAGES to browse to your stationery folder or where ever you keep your graphics. Then, in the smaller bottom window, scroll down to find your image choice.
It may be a stationery strip if you like, now highlight your image.
Now we will move on to step two.

Step 2.

Now click on the SOUND tab.
Browse by double clicking your way to the sounds folder. In the right hand window, you will
select your choice of sound file, be it a .wav or .midi. You may preview (listen to) your midi
selection by pressing the little black arrow, stop playing by pressing the black square button.
While midi is playing, the square turns black.
Now for step 3.

Step 3.
Now click on the TICKER tab.
This is where you put in the message or information you would like to be seen at
the bottom of your stationery. You may leave this blank if you choose,
just highlight and remove the existing text, or that will be your ticker message.
When satisfied, move on to step 4.

Step 4.
Now select the COLOR-FONT tab.
You may add your name to your work here, and give your new stationery a name if you like.
Next, select the choices for your TEXT COLOR, your BACKGROUND COLOR and make your
FONT selection by clicking on each button individually.
Click on your TEXT COLOR button and follow the directions below.
Do the same using the BACKGROUND COLOR button and follow the directions below.
Click on the FONT button and scroll to your choice, and select the size and whether you want
it to be normal, bold, italic or bold italic and click OK.

Here is what your text color and background color buttons will show. It is a good idea to have your color selections picked out ahead of time. You might like to make a note of your color selections so you can
easily and quickly fill in the RGB spaces. You should select a color from your picture for each item,
TEXT COLOR and the BACKGROUND COLOR. Be sure the text color contrasts nicely with the picture,
and that your background color choice blends well also.
When satisfied, move on to step 5.

Step 5.
Select the MARGINS tab.
Click on the Scroll Direction button now.
This is very important. The default image width and height settings need to be corrected for each
stationery you make. If your image width and height are entered incorrectly, your scrolling stationery
will not be smooth, and will be jumpy. You can make a note with the proper dimensions to enter here.
You will also need to know exactly how wide your image is to properly enter your left text margin.
The top text margin is optional, I know of nothing but personal preference to guide that setting.

Step 6.
And lastly, save your new stationery like this. Click on FILE/SAVE AS.

Now choose a title/name for your stationery, enter it in the file name box and
click save and you are done! Note: If you would like your stationery to be stored
elsewhere, then browse to that folder and save it there.

That's it! Voila!
You have created a new stationery using the marvels of Adlor's unique stationery making program.

Hope this helps!

This is a personal preference note that I'll share with you. I like to keep PSP open while making stationery with Adlor's Stationery Maker. That way, I have the image that I am using open so I can choose the font and background colors easily with the PSP color picker tool. Also, I can easily see the image information to enter correctly in the Adlor's program and check for the proper margin width for the text. Works great for me.

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