Zipper Tag Challenge

by Steph

Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the U.S.! This week's challenge will be a little different for you. Instead of sending you to a website, I am providing the tutorial.

Zipper Tag by Steph

Apparently, there was a tutorial on the internet on how to make the tag below but I couldn't find it. It was also written in Dutch so you'd have to use one of the translation sites to learn this technique. I started playing around with this and here is how I made the tag.

First, open the zipper animation (download HERE) in Animation Shop. Note the size of the animation which is 345 pixels wide and 43 pixels high.

Next, open Paint Shop Pro and create a new image with those same dimensions (345 by 43). Find a tube that you like and resize it by pixels rather than by percent. You want to resize the height to 40 pixels since the zipper edges will hide your tube too much otherwise.

Copy the tube and go back to your new image and paste as a new layer. Pick a light color from your tube using the Dropper tool. Click on Layer 1 and fill your new image with that color. Move your tube over to the left a bit to make room for your name.

Find a nice bold font you like. Pick a dark color from your tube. I used black and font Impact set at 30 pt. set at vector. Type your name making sure that your name is small yet visible. Apply any bevel or drop shadow you'd like. Merge visible your layers.

Save as an Animation Shop file (*psp). Copy your image. Paste your image as a new animation in Animation Shop. Make your zipper animation active and note the number of frames in the animation. There are 46 frames. Go back to your new animation, duplicate your single frame until you have 46 frames. You do this by clicking on the Duplicate Frame button. If you continue to click the Duplicate Frame button, you will notice that it increases not by one frame at a time but multiples. What I did was when I had 37 frames, I highlighted that frame with my mouse, pressed the Duplicate Frame button so it would only duplicate that frame, not all of them. I continued this way until I had 46 frames. Make your zipper animation active, go to Edit, Select All, then Edit, Copy. Go back to your new image with the 46 frames, go to Edit, Select All, then Edit, Paste into Selected Frames.

Now click File, Save As and save your animation with the name you like. Just follow the prompts. My animation is 89kb which is well below our group guidelines.

I hope you learned something and have made a cute tag that you like. Please email me if you have any questions.

Created by Stephanie; Digital Art by Steph on May 19, 2007. Modified May 27, 2007.
Cow tube by GranGran. Zipper animation: unknown.

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