Featured Member Tutorial

Here at PSPMadeEZ we are very fortunate to have some very talented tutorial writers.
Occasionally we feature a tutorial written by one of these members.
This month our Featured tutorial comes from our friend, Bonnie Hayler!

"Square Fade Mask" (and more)
by Bonnie Hayler

"Square Fade Mask Tutorial"

Hello everyone!
Today/tomorrow begins review week for November. This brings a much needed break for your awesome moderators, and a rest for you too, if you so choose.
Not only are you able to go back and complete (and post) those past tutorials that you may have missed or otherwise haven't had time for, we also offer a special treat!

We are pleased to announce that our friend
is our special featured member for PSPMadeEZ review week, November, 2007.

We would like to honour and thank Bonnie for gifting the PSP community with her lovely tutorials for many years. We are certain you will enjoy Bonnie's 'new' featured tutorial "Square Fade Mask" (which is also one of Bonnie's favourites). So this week we are very pleased to feature ALL of the tutorials listed below.



Have fun, and have a wonderful week ahead!

PSPMadeEZ Management Team

Many tutorial writers say they never hear from folks who are using and learning
from their tutorials, and even more rarely ever get to view results.
Please take a moment and write your fantastic tutorial authors,
and/or add an entry to their guestbook.
Tell them how you felt about doing their tutorials.
If you feel comfortable, send them a copy of your results.
You will be pleased that you did! Thank you!

Last updated 11/25/07

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