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We ask that you keep a copy of this document for your records, or bookmark this page for future reference. In the event of loss, a copy shall be posted to the group bi-weekly, and we always keep a copy posted to our website:

When in doubt about what you may or may not post, please consult these guidelines.
If members repeatedly ignore the rules, offenders will find themselves on the outside of the door. *All new members posts will be moderated until we are certain they are upholding the guidelines.

Thank you kindly for your time.

PSPMadeEZ Management


Guidelines for PSPMadeEZ


When you first join PSPMadeEZ you are asked to read these guidelines. They are born out of experience, and change from time to time as all things must if they are to escape stagnation.

What makes this group unique? NO pressure! That's right...lurkers are welcome. You participate when you have the time and the muse strikes you. You will not be unsubbed if you do not participate and you don't have to let us know when you are going on vacation or are just swamped - that is YOUR BUSINESS. We understand! Please do not send your email delivery change notifications or requests to the group! If you're going to be away, we wish you well. We suggest choosing the Special Notice feature instead of NO MAIL as this will allow the owners to contact you in the event an extreme emergency or special announcement. You alone are responsible for your email delivery settings. We cannot do this for you.

We do have a few restrictions which allow the group to run smoothly, and hopefully make it more enjoyable for all members.

1. This list is 'family friendly', and rated G. We recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that a fine line separates art from erotica. We depend on your best judgment. Please remember that many members have children who are often present when Mom or Dad is opening up the mail - so FAMILY RATED MATERIALS ONLY please! Write us about a group owned by Wizzard Jon if you prefer a little spice to your PSP life.

2. Only tutorials that have been posted by the moderators or are found in the archives are allowed in PSPMadeEZ.

Please do not post:

a. Tutorials, links to outside tutorials, requests for tutorials or results of tutorials that have not received permission by the owners or moderators from the author or been submitted by the moderators. We do this for your protection. It is very difficult for moderators to help members on a tutorial that they have not done themselves. As a rather large teaching group, we must get the author's permission before we can feature it in PSPMadeEZ.

b. Virus Warnings! We know that you want to help protect your computer and let the members know as well. Please contact one of the moderators or the list owner before posting to the group about a potential or new virus. People panic when they see a warning (or members posting personal Virus Scan results). Unfortunately, very often the warning is a hoax or a prank, and members may delete necessary windows system files. Your Moderators will keep you up to date on any possible new Virus threats. PLEASE PRACTICE SAFE COMPUTING AND ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CRITICAL UPDATES AND VIRUS PROTECTION UP TO DATE. **NOTE: A good Anti Virus program should update daily, and is well worth whatever the purchase price.

c. NO stationery is allowed in PSPMadeEZ except those with a static (still) background. No music, no scrolling, no motion (including tickers or marquees), period! Incredimail is tolerated within reason. We offer suitable and approved stationery scripts in our files area in the **Approved Stationery Scripts and OE Tutorial** folder. Do not send in requests for tubes, graphics, plugins, filters or any other non-tutorial related items. Please feel free to join our sister list, owned by Lloyd (Old Man River) where stationery is welcome, along with graphics, tubes, sigtags, larger file sizes (requests are allowed) and many other special PSP related 'goodies'. Old Man River's group is the place for you for sharing and requests.

d. Replies to individuals are not required, but if you would like to comment on someone's work, please feel free to do so. We ask that you use reply button - NOT the reply all button. Since replies go to sender only, we recommend moving the reply and reply all icons away from each other on your toolbar, making it impossible to make the mistake of accidentally hitting the reply all icon and having personal mail coming back into the group!

e. NO FLAMING of moderators, members or any other individual will be tolerated on this list. If you have a problem, please bring it to the owner's or one of the moderator's attention. Respect is our utmost priority.

f. Email size does count! Some of the members are restricted by either the speed of their connection or the amount of space that their particular mailbox can hold. Please keep your entire post to PSPMadeEZ less than 500kb (images MUST be 410kb or less to make the cut). If you aren't certain of size, place your message in your drafts folder and turn on columns (under view menu), then tick the size option. This will inform you at a glance if the email size needs reduced, or if it is set to go. Further, NO HOT-LINKING! Members shall not link graphics projects to private web space for viewing, or provide URL for members to go 'visit'. Members must either attach or embed (NOT both) their creations - then EMAIL projects to the group address.

g. Do not send in programs, plugins, filters, links (or requests for plugins or filters), registration codes or what is commonly called a "crack code" for programs that are on the Internet for sale. This is illegal and opens the door to legal action against you and the owner of PSPMadeEZ. Once a program, plugin or filter becomes unavailable on the Internet via legal means, it becomes just that, unavailable. We are not able to assist you in finding those materials. Immediate negative action will be taken if this guideline is not followed. 

h. All graphics, images, clipart, gifs, tubes, masks, fonts and any other possible copyrighted material that is submitted by any of the PSPMadeEZ members, moderators or owners will not and legally cannot be shared, copied, saved for distribution or posted to any other group or list. We present these materials solely for teaching purposes and any other use or distribution will be grounds for immediate unsubscription and banishment from this list. That's the law!

i. NO SNAGGING! If you like something that a member has made and submitted as a result of a tutorial or any creation with our other featured materials, you may inquire how it's done - but please remember, this is NOT a 'snagging' group. PSPMadeEZ exists and is designed for YOU to learn Paint Shop Pro! You will soon be able to do these things for yourself! Conversely, please do not offer your creations for snagging/sharing.

j. Use of the priority flag is reserved for moderators only. Know that members look for the priority flag used by moderators to assist in finding posted tutorials in the message archives and in emails.

k. Refrain from sending ANY type of prayer requests, informational emails, jokes, funnies or forwards through the list that have not previously been cleared by your moderators. ALWAYS check with your moderators first! Address listed below.

l. Please check out our FAQ file and do some of your own research before posting your 'SOS' questions to the group! Many things have already been asked and answered, so do become acquainted with your files area at the Yahoo group site, and our FAQ & PSP Basics page at our group website: Further, when posting requests for assistance, we ask that you write to the moderator who posted the tutorial. Please mark WHICH tutorial you're inquiring about, and include the URL. Give pertinent information regarding your version of PSP, your OS and exactly what is happening that is troublesome. Screenshots are helpful to the one giving you assistance.

**NOTE ABOUT ASSISTANCE! With regard to any assistance you may receive from your PSPMadeEZ Management Team or from another member, we feel it is the most basic common courtesy to let them know you have received their assistance. Please, we understand that you can be very busy at times, but management would very much appreciate knowing that letters written to you by them are received. Your moderators take a great deal of time out of their daily lives to help you (and they are never too busy to help you) learn PaintShopPro, so at the very least, a quick, courteous acknowledgement should not be too much to ask of you. (It's a shame we *unanimously* felt that this **NOTE should be necessary and be added to the guidelines.)

m. Members that persist in disrupting moderators, other members and/or group activity, breaking or disregarding group guidelines (any of them) will be removed without further notice. If we have to write you or remind you more than a time or two, it is grounds for immediate unsubscription and possible banishment.

Please DO post:

1. We love to see your results from the tutorials, TOWs, and WETs. When posting them, please refrain from using asterisks or high priority as these are reserved for the Moderators when they present the features. Please do specify what feature they are and if you prefer you can include the name of the tut, but that's not necessary. You can use either the whole name such as Beginner or abbreviated form as Beg. It is recommended that you send only one result per email so it will be easier to respond to and keep size down. Remember your size limitations (410kb to keep within the final size of 500 kb per post).

2. From time to time, PSP or Filters just cause grief and we need help. We will allow these types of requests to go through the group. When responding to a request for help with PSP or Filter issues, please respond to the entire group by using the Reply All button. In this way we can avoid the "me too" responses and we'll have the information available, insuring that we all learn correctly. Just leave the subject the same so we'll know what the response is to. When requesting help be sure to mention which version of Windows you're using and which version of PSP so there won't be misunderstandings. Describe exactly what occurred and what steps if any you've taken to correct the issue.

Addresses for current week's schedule and past tutorials, as well as links and other items can usually be found at the end of each e-mail (footer) sent through the group or at:

One of the best features of the group is that you can begin anywhere that is most comfortable for you. Tutorials are sent out several times weekly. Do one or do them all, your choice. Look for helpful hints, special tips, projects and creative challenges on a daily basis. 

Our complete list of features are as follows:
*Monday: TOW is Tubes Of the Week
*Tuesday: BEG - Beginners
*Wednesday: INT/ANIM - Intermediate/Animation
*Thursday: ADV - Advanced
*Friday: TOF - Tags On Fridays
*Saturday & Sunday: WET - Week End Theme

***REVIEW WEEK: This is the very last week of each month when your awesome moderators take a break! It allows members to go back and complete any featured tutorials or other projects that they haven't yet completed - you may post them at any time. No new regular tutorials or any other features (including TOW or WETS) will be posted during Review Week. 

*Special Note: We know that it is easy to forget, so sometimes we send out notes or sigtags that are simply "gentle" reminders. They are not meant to make you feel badly and you do not need to apologize to the list members as they go to you privately! You will be asked to leave or you will be unsubscribed for repeated and/or deliberate violations of our guidelines. This saddens us deeply and we will do our best to avoid taking this action. We will need your help. Thanks.

Additionally, we DO expect that users should have prior basic knowledge of your PC, Windows, web surfing, Outlook Express email and other programs (including how to unzip files) before joining this group.

**WARNING: If you use any spam filter service (such as SpamArrest, Ospam, Cashette, Earthlink - or ANY other) that requires senders to confirm they're not spammers, you must use another email address (to subscribe to this list) that doesn't have that requirement. Such services will spam the list and/or its members and are strictly prohibited here. Also, webmail systems like Gawab that use an automated bot that subscribes to the list are not allowed.


Finally, the use of tracking software is NOT allowed in the group! This includes MSGTAG and any others that signal the sender when you read your mail. Immediate negative action will be taken if this guideline is not followed.

Remember, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact any of us for assistance. Just think, a class without tuition or fees ... just a few guidelines. Kewl, huh? Enjoy!


Now that you have read the guidelines, please type the word AGREED in the subject line and send an e-mail to: PSPMadeEZ-Owner_AT_yahoogroups_DoT_com (remove underscore, and replace 'AT' with symbol). When you respond, please provide your Yahoo ID and email address you are using to subscribe so you can be located in the pending members list to be approved. This is the only participation that will be required. NOTE: The owners email address is for contacting the group owner and/or moderators about any concerns you may have, and is preferable to writing the group.

(And remember, this is a VERY high volume email group!)

You will NOT be approved if you fail to respond within 48 hours.

Thank you and have fun!

DianaDiana, IlaIla, MarieMarie, PatSteph, SuzieTeresa

PSPMadeEZ Management

TOWS - Tubes of the Week- Suzie
BEG - Beginners - Rotating
INT - Intermediate/Animation - Diana
ADV - Advanced - Suzie
TOF - Tags on Friday - Marie
WETS - Week End Themes - Suzie
Member Services - Pat
Webmaster - Suzie
Owner and Group Manager - Ila

Updated 22 November 2011