Although NO STATIONERY is allowed in PSPMadeEZ, we do accept a static (still) background.
Please no music, no scrolling, no motion (including tickers or marquees), period!
We offer suitable and approved stationery scripts in our files area and below.
Please feel free to join our sister list, owned by Lloyd (Old Man River) where stationery is
welcome, along with graphics, tubes, sigtags, larger file sizes and many
other special PSP related 'goodies'. Old Man River's group is the
place for you for sharing and requests.

** To check the size of your email before sending it **
When your email is ready to send, go to File/Save. Then look in your
Drafts folder and you will see your email there and the size.

Background Image Script
by Susan aka Night Owl
Basic Table Script
by Susan aka Night Owl
Static Table Script 2 bkgs
by Susan aka Night Owl
Static Table Script 3kbkgs
by Susan aka Night Owl
Dotted Border Table
by Gadisa Smits

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