Please read the tips section of this email before starting this tut
This weeks Bonus FOW tut is from Butter, a PSPMadeEZ member, thank you Butter!  Although it has a tiny bit of animation to it, it's so cute you can get away without it.  If you do decide to animate your tag, please keep in mind EZ's file size restriction of 250kb.  By keeping your original file size at 170kb or less, you should have no problem.
The tutorial was written using PSP 9, but can be done in other versions.  If you are using another version and you find you have a problem, please let me know.
The two fonts used in the tut, Dingbatz Forms 2 DSG and Broadway are both free, the download links are located at the bottom of this email for your convenience.  Broadway has 2 different choices, use whichever one you like the best, or any other fat font will do.
1) The tut is using the letter 'L' of the Dingbatz Forms 2 DSG font to create the large star. You may also try using the letter's 'M' and 'N', your choice.
2) Apply the first inner bevel setting to the large star, not the small ones.
3) Refer to this great tut from Suz Shook if you are unsure of how to attach your text to the circle (path):  TEXT ON A PATH TUT
I hope you enjoy doing this tutorial as much as I did : )
Caution: Some tutorials on this site contain Adult Content

Wishing on a Star Tut

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- Thank you, Frannie -